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Submitted on
December 20, 2013


556 (5 today)
Sorry I haven't been on much but I'm still around  so I will ever leave here unless God forbid the site had to close   Which I doubt  but want to wish all my freinds and watchers a Merry Xmas and a Happy new year and the Staff at DA too  thank you you guys  for making thise awesome site hugs  to the DA Staff  also I'm caught up in Xmas mania   but still got Xmas shopping  to get in the bad weather heavy rain and high winds have kinda grounded me and blew away  or inflatebl  Santa  with Rudolph  I had to chase it up the street I got it back  though landed like 7 doors away   But the winds blew over a couple of moms garden gnomes breaking them they can be repaired so all the garden gnomes and. things a now safe in the shed to the summer  but so excited about Xmas s  always loved Xmas since I was a toddler  and seeing. the Xmas adverts like the coca cola holiday trucks and my favrioute. Movies like The snowman now he has a dog  also classics like Wizard of Oz. a Xmas carol  and Xmas for me is an awesome time   To relax with family  have a lovely lunch open presents  then relaxe in front of tv  then whilst they all do that I go on line and wish my on line freinds a merry Xmas can't for get about them  their importent too  so what do you do on Xmas day. But what ever it is have a great Xmas and all the best for 2014  when it comes and also happy Haunika. To my Jewish freinds on here too  and.   hugs to you all xxx
  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: Tv in back ground
  • Reading: Snookies autobiography
  • Watching: a old Xmas comedy
  • Playing: Talking Tom on iPad
  • Eating: Crisps
  • Drinking: Tea
Merry Christmas to you too ;-D
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