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County fair by freacls
County fair
This is again at the SP county fair where the royal party has some free time so Kyle and Kenny are chatting to Stan Clyde in the red top Craig with his back to us also Karen Token and Nicole  and Ike  also wandering around is Sheila carrying Kyles things  goodie bags with freebies he got and soft toys given to him also their is Tweek with Coffee Cartman tucking into cotter candy and hes just finished a big chocolate bar and it has melted all over him also their are random crowd ppl walking around too and on the band stand  their is Kyle and Kenny Butters is near the DJ area also principle Victoria with another woman talking to Red Bebe and Wendy are sitting chatting the other PPL their are committee members of the County fair security and the DJ so it is very busy this is from my forthcoming story King of my heart  and yup that is large plush Minions they were prizes on one of the funfair stalls i based the South park County fair on my towns Gala day and what the boys are doing chatting to Kyle and Kenny that does happen  the  Gala king or Queen and attendants hanging over the band stand chatting to their friends when their not busy  unless its raining  and their in the large tent 
Blood Moon in South park by freacls
Blood Moon in South park
Lat night dunno if anyone seen it or not their was a huge moon outside that turned red  when dust blew across it from Mars i think oh irs stuff Nasa knows off well i thought id have the same event happen in South park so this could be the gang last night looking at the moon we have the boys Kenny with Karen who was allowed to stay up late as a treat and Kenny is looking after her shes safe with him also Kyle and Cartman fighting as usual nothing new with those two lol and Stan is saying ..Oh no here we go again also watching the moon is Craig and Tweek Tweek is drinking coffee as usual also their is Red too Token and Nicole who are so in love and she is cuddling up to Token and also Bebe and Wendy  also unseen i think maybe Clyde would be their with Jimmy and Timmy some of the other kids and adults but i don't think Butters would be their way past his bed time   so this was the SP gang last night 
Being Beautified by freacls
Being Beautified
again from my forthcoming story King of my heart Stan is still delivering newspapers to earn some cash and on morning of County fair hes to deliver some papers and magazines to the local salon where he sees the royal party being made over everyone's had a trim and the girls are having fancy updos Kenny is wanting a DBZ Trunks haircut Butters is having Gel put in his Kyle is having hairspray put on like the girls  and Stan wants to stay and talk but cant as everyone's so busy  also their unseen is principal Victoria and 2 others  
Kisses for a King by freacls
Kisses for a King
i did a drawing like this before but wasent keen on it so did another one giving Kyle his normal hair and in fanfics i do he has his hair cut back in summer and the full fluffy fro in winter so this is him being kissed by his mom whos saying ...Oh my little boy the County fair king im so proud of you and you look beautiful too and shes planting a big kiss on his cheek no doubt putting lipstick on it  and Kyle is really embarrassed and saying ...Oh mom not now people are watching also watching is Kenny who is laughing and Bebe Wendy Red  and Stan and Craig who are eating cotton candy Stan has the pink one   and the adults are security principle  Victoria and someone else who is looking after them 
County fair royal party by freacls
County fair royal party
Little art from the fanfic im planning King of my heart  where Kyle is county fair king here is the royal party talking to a stall holder and posing for a photo  the girls are Red who is an attendant  or princess next to her is Wendy  and Queen Bebe  the boys are  King Kyle attendant or prince Kenny and Butters all six are dressed in their finery and enjoying their day 
At last the long awaited new SP episodes have started yey the first one was a bit shocking i don't know what to make of the new principle i liked  Victoria well iv known her for years   but the new guy im not keen on him hes like a bully but i was shocked what they did to poor Kyle  he was only speaking his mind were all allowed to speak our minds poor Kyle God that's him being attacked again by the writers come on you guys leave Kyle alone but OMG Cartman being attacked like that that was a shock  and Kyle is right about the Immigrants their all over the news just now in France trying to get into Europe but their from war torn countries not Canada but the new SP episodes are so far good i hope they get rid of that  PC Printable i don't think im gonna like him   but its gonna be interesting how this season goes 
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United Kingdom
hi im Anne from Scotland in the UK i love South park Kyle and Kenny are my 2 favs their so cute also like Butters and Tweek too their cute i love games like Kingdom hearts and Final fantasy and the Sims plus love Anime im a very active person i love animals and have a lot of pets also i have adopted real Llamas and the 2 giant Pandas at my lochal zoo lol also i love ice skating i used to skate in lochal contests and in shows as a child and up to my early teens but injury forced me out so i skate for fun now and I love watching the skating I also used to do ballet when I was very young wanted to be a dancer but discovered. Ice skating lol also im a former Brownie Guide and girl guide and love helping pepole also I love History finding out about my family's past and listening to stories about my relatives that lived in the past my hobbies are Skating for fun going out with family and and hanging out with my friends going for long walks with my dogs in the countryside watching tv love South park the walking dead the UK soaps and watching I'm a celebrity get me out lol love dancing too and going on holiday also writing fanfictions and doing art and mom is getting me into making reborn dolls and I love going to car boot sales and rummaging around and playing with my nieces and nephew also I feel I'm an outgoing and confident person but not over confident I think it was my parents that taught me to be confident and mom was a little bit of. Pushy mom but I love her for it she made me confident also im a middle child i have a younger brother who can be a pain but wouldnt swop him for the world hes crazy and funny and I do love him really lol and an awesome older sister who im very close too she's my sister and closest friend she knows what I'm thinking we're like twins sometimes and im a proud aunt of 2 beautiful neices and a adorable little nephew that's him. In the photo making his Deviant debut he was about a week old then maybe one day in the future he will have his own account lol plus i have a huge family aunts unchals and cousions scatterd all over the place as well as my parents and grand parents and im very freindly my BFF on here is beavistv200 iv known her forever and Kennysgurl but I love all my freinds on here your all so dear to me also I love meeting new pepole and making new friends so come and say hi come and chat i wont bite well i will bite Trolls hate them lol also the pepole on my friends list check them out too their really awesome pepole and are really nice to talk too I love them all they make up my little online family on here and they love the same things I love too so to all my friends I love you guys your all the best * hugs * The kind of art I do is mostly cutsie stuff and soft Yaoi cute anime faries unicorns even child freindly stuff no hard core yaoi or scary stuff here if your looking for hard Yaoi or creepy scary art. try Creepypasta or other artists here lol sorry guys

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